Bmw z4 timing belt or chain

The tolerances between the valves and pistons on some engines are very narrow, and this potentially disastrous dance between parts is all kept in harmony by the timing chain and tensioners. Make sure yours are all in proper working shape so you can continue to hear sweet sounds from your engine for years to come.

The timing covers cover the timing chains or belts and allow access to them. They can warp over time. Here at Pelican we carry all the gaskets you need for servicing your timing system. Always replace the timing cover gasket with a new one when removing the cover.

bmw z4 timing belt or chain

All Search Everything. BMW Z4 E85 - Timing Chain Tensioners The tolerances between the valves and pistons on some engines are very narrow, and this potentially disastrous dance between parts is all kept in harmony by the timing chain and tensioners. Brand Rating. Click for More Info. Timing Chain Tensioner with Seal Ring. Rigid black oxide coated steel timing chain tensioner tool.

This is used for several cylinder head related maintenance procedures on BMW M and S series twin-cam engines. It is necessary to provide proper tension on the timing chain when setting valve, camshaft, or VANOS timing.

Aluminum Washer - Timing Chain Tensioner Chain Tensioner Cylinder - Timing Chain 2 customer reviews. Chain Tensioner Piston - Timing Chain. Chain Tensioner Piston - Timing Chain 3 customer reviews. Spring - Timing Chain Tensioner 6 customer reviews.

Timing Covers and Parts The timing covers cover the timing chains or belts and allow access to them. Timing Covers and Gaskets. This site was designed and produced solely by Pelican Parts. Pelican Parts is not associated with Porsche Cars North America in any manner, except for a mutual appreciation and love of the cars.

All pictures and references to the Porsche name, and the car names and shapes are for restoration reference only, and do not imply any association with Porsche. Pelican Parts is not responsible for any typographical errors contained within the site.

Information and technical articles within this website are for reference only. Consult authorized factory manuals when performing repair procedures. By entering this site, you agree to hold Pelican Parts free from any liability arising out of the use of any information contained within. Order Online or Call: Shopping Cart. Browse Shipping Options. Project List.I have seen the timing chain problem article on this forum.

I am wondering which model of X3 or X5 wont have this problem. I am thinking about X3 28i and X5 with I6 engine. It is the N20 engine turbo 4 cylinder engine used in the X3 28i for certain X3s from to that is reportedly most prone to failure of timing chain guides.

The timing chain guide was reportedly redesigned about January for this engine and is expected to reduce or eliminate the problem. The X5 35i uses the N55 I6 engine, which is not reported to have the timing chain problem, but may be prone to cooling pump problems after about 50K miles. The F25 X3 used the N52 I6 engine without the turbocharger prior to the introduction of the N20 engine and is believed by some to be more reliable. So, I need to find an X3 with N52 engine to avoid the timing chain failure.

Which engine in th eX5 is the most reliable so far? Just saw this post about a class action lawsuit against BMW for timing chain issue, filed in December Even if you got the N20 engine that was manufactured in the era, it doesn't mean your timing chain will fail. My engine failed and I got a brand new one installed at BMW's expense recently. They're doing the right thing for most owners.

I think this earns my loyalty and I plan to buy a new BMW this year. Hi don't worry about the N20 4 cyl engines, get a 6 cyl preferably an N55 3. Good and reliablesmooth and quietwell worth a few more bucks.

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I see that you live in Ontario. If you get the n 20 engine and the timing chain breaks you will not be covered for replacement if the warranty is over. The warranty has been extended in the USA but not in Canada. BMW Canada might cover a percentage if the rebuild. Trust me I know Stick with the N Hi keep reading about Timing Chains breaking.

I don't know how many times I read these reports and people sayfirst oil light came on? At this point the motor should be stopped! Not then kept driving to the Dealership or carried on home or to next Service Station? How long do people think an engine goes with no oil pressure? If they shut it off immediately at least there wouldn't be the need for a complete engine failure and replacement needed. I believe a lot of the fault is with drivers not following instrument warnings!!

Never got an oil light just a notice to drive moderately.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. Does a timing chain as opposed to timing belt need any specific maintenance? While regular maintenance is not required, it is advisable to regularly check how much the chain has stretched, say every few K.

If the chain stretches too much, the tensioner may no longer be able to perform its job. There's also the problem of the pins becoming a bit loose in the side plates.

The chain should also get a visual check whenever the opportunity presents itself to ensure there is no evidence of things like side plates starting to become loose.

Rollers should be felt to ensure there is no discernible play between roller and pin. Timing chains don't often break but when they do they generally take chunks of the engine with them, as well as allowing valves to get too friendly with the pistons, on most engines. I'm used to timing chains on American V8's, but they will "stretch" over time think k miles and sometimes on high mileage engines they could "jump" a tooth if they are too stretched out.

Regular maintenance is not needed. However, a "rattling" noise that changes with engine RPM may indicate a problem with the chain or timing gears.

Next time you go by your dealership, ask them if they've had any problems in particular with your year model. If you hear of instances of chains commonly being replaced at X miles because of some problem and you trust your sourcethen you may want to take preemptive action. BMW timing chains are engineered for the life of the engine and never need maintenance or replaced.

To prove that point BMW has always performed several long distance tests on its new engines before they are put on the market.

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Back in the 90s they took a e34 5 series and ran it over 2 million miles, just performing the standard maintenance. When they took apart that engine everything measured to spec. Enjoy your Bimmer and just make sure to get the regular maintenance performed but no need to worry about the timing chain. Now if you're a e30 guy like myself, you're stuck with the single worst decision sorry second worst, after hiring Chris Bangle Bimmer engineers made and that was to go with a 'quieter' rubber band timing belt.

Long chains will get loose sooner, hard shifting will knock it around and shorten its life, infrequent oil changes will interfere with lubrication as the carbon builds up on the chain. Most engines either have an automatic tensioner, or a good guide to help it from slapping. Belts are good, but some are very hard to change. Too bad manufacturers don't try to make the belt easier to change as it is needed to be replaced at some significant expense.

Just had a timing chain snap on my 1 series 88k on the clock on a model.Discuss problems you have had or are having with your Z4. Timing chain issue? Alas, just 1 hour later, the new owner called me to advise that it had developed a strange noise it may have been there for some time, but I'd never noticed it and he only noticed when parking it up in a small underground garage.

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The car was taken to a local BMW specialist today who,advised the noise was coming from the timing chain area and it could mean chain replacement etc with a bill into 4 figures. Now, I may be wrong but this sounds like BS. The N52 the car is a 2. The only chain related issue I can find is the occasional need to replace the tensioner.

Symptoms are a rattling noise when the engine is warm and the revs increase above idle, then the noise disappears higher up the rev range. It doesn't make the noise when the car is cold or idling. The engine has only done 59, miles and has always been serviced correctly, including an oil change less than miles ago.

Does anyone have a view on the potential cause? Many thanks, James. But having owned a 1 Series with the N47 diesel engine previously that is pretty well known for such problems I did loads of searches!

No idea what the "issue" may be, other than BS as you say. But if the new owner called to say it "had developed a strange noise" and it was a private sale then it is the new owner's problem. He then happily handed over his cash to make the car his? Which it now is this might sound harsh but whatever problems there may or may not be are all his nowhe may well have ragged the car to the max through every gear its no longer not your concern imo.

It sounds like maybe the lifters or maybe even dual mass? Wont be the chain, as above though Caveat Emptor - its not your problem anymore. My gut feel here is that a new chain tensioner will sort out what I now believe is 'chain slap'. Has anyone changed the chain tensioner? If so, why? And did it resolve things?

That's not a diagnosis. Sounds like he is being mugged off, so I'd suggest he get another opinion especially as I've not heard of any chain issues. If you were being honest and had no idea along with it having "developed" after purchase then it really is unfortunate but equally not your problem.

I agree with others that it smells funny however i would have it sent to a garage of my choice for investigation, that's if i even entertained it at all. Much more common is HVA noise due to air in the hydraulic lifters.This Has been a big subject with everyone on my blog,some of you guys have been asking about the bulletin about this repair,so this is the BMW bulletin that us technicians work with,I hope this helps some of you guys.

I have a X1, I had heard the timing chain whine get worse over the winter, so I parked the vehicle the end of May, and slowly ordered the parts and the timing chain lock out kit for my mechanic. It was a good thing I did, I was talking to him the other day and he said the the top right timing chain guide had failed and was just kind of floating around.

He said there were bits of plastic in the bottom of the oil pan. Like Like. I have a i with 85k miles, mostly highway if that makes any difference. Serviced at 80k as usual, with nothing appearing. Sure enough, 85k lead to another Low Oil Pressure warning light. Towed to BMW dealership, and 4. The question I have, is what questions to ask? I have researched as much as I can, but want to know what else to ask to be replaced whilst they are in there. Oil Pump?

Oil Pump Chain?

bmw z4 timing belt or chain

Anything else? I understand the risks of owning a BMW compared to a generic car, but to think that another four-figure repair bill could pop up is nerve wracking to say the least. Unfortunately, I put way too many miles into the car which had lead to me being upside down in it anyway compared to my loan. Hello — I stumbled upon this page and am so appreciative. I started getting this whine and saw your post and the SIB you posted.

I understand they will replace the timing chain and guide rails and oil pump chain and guide.

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But I want to be smart when they call me and try to hit me up with other non-warranty issues. What else could they possibly find that may not be covered due to this issue? I suppose they could suggest I change the oil pump? What would be a reasonable cost while they are in there, and is there any reason to change it? I suppose I want to be smart and not let the dealer fleece me while they are at it. Any advice is appreciated and thank you for your good work.

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Thank you. What would be a reasonable price to pay BMW for that, given they are already in there? Thank you BMWtechnician. I received my car back after over a week and the repair went went well, no more whining There was no additional repair required beyond what was needed in the SIB. Thanks for the good work that you do here.Search our online timing chain catalog and find the lowest priced discount auto parts on the web. We sell wholesale to the public. We specialize in a wide-variety of high-quality car parts and accessories for your car, truck or SUV.

Call toll free to order or place your order online via our secure checkout system.

BMW N20 and N26 Engine Timing Chain and Guide Replacement

Our online parts catalog uses real-time inventory, so you can be assured the parts you buy are in stock at the time of ordering. Most orders are shipped the same day. They are available for the following BMW Z4 years:,, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, We stock timing chain parts for most BMW models including X5iLiiiiiX3LiiiiLiiii xDrivei xDriveM3i xDriveiiisCi, isxiCiCiisZ3xiiiii GTxiixiLi xDrive and i.

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My son-in-law's Z4 has just had to be recovered with a belt failure circa 55k miles and just short of the service when the belt is apparently due to be changed. The BMW garage independant advises this is common.

Could you please confirm this a belt not a chain and if there is history of failure - at this mileage or later. The cam is chain driven. Chains can fail if they are not properly lubricated, but otherwise should lastmiules or more.

The Good Garage Guide. Similar questions. Intermittent noise from the water pump on a Qashqai? My Nissan Qashqai 1.

bmw z4 timing belt or chain

Being intermittent the garage has failed to find a fault. I am anxious as I am aware of the damage this fault could cause to the Is the Astra belt or chain driven? The seller says its a chain and will last the cars lifetime. Toyota Yaris: Timing belt or chain?

Does this car have a timing belt or a timing chain. T Yaris I have just bought has miles on the clock wondered if belt nedded changing. Related models. BMW Z4 - Better looking and a sportier drive than its Z3 predecessor.

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